Tai Chi Basics

Tai Chi Basics

Welcome to Ji Hong Tai Chi & Qi Gong

When you sign up to learn Ballet or Gymnastics for example, you do not expect to learn a choreographed routine right away. You first learn the basic posture and techniques, work on body conditioning and flexibility. When you sign up to learn Tai Chi, it is no different. Learning the basics is important for any kind of sport or art. To start your Tai Chi journey, the ideal is to work on all 3 aspects at the same time, i.e. attend the Tai Chi Basics training course to learn the basics, at the same time work on body conditioning and flexibility with unlimited Qi Gong Health and Tai Chi Fitness classes.

The Tai Chi Basics training course content includes:

  • Postural alignment, body awareness and proper techniques to prevent injury
  • Basic Tai Chi exercises that are practiced at all levels
  • Basic Tai Chi principles, e.g. 5-bows, relax and sink, whole body elasticity, etc.
  • Basic footwork and stances
  • Differences in the different tai chi styles
  • Introduction to Push Hands

You can join the Tai Chi Basics Training classes anytime. If you start in the middle of the term, you simply continue the classes into the next term until you have covered all the basics curriculum.