Bao Sen Liang

Chief Instructor/Owner

Master Bao Sen Liang developed a passion for martial arts, or wushu, since he was very young. In 1965, he started to practise Southern style wushu, and over the years, he learned from many instructors and renowned martial artists in various styles. He later realized from his extensive studies that internal martial arts was the key to achieving breakthrough in his training and devoted his effort to learning Tai Chi. His pursuit of Tai Chi eventually led him to Master Hong Yuan Luo, whose instruction enabled him to achieve significant progress by allowing him to discover the true meaning of this internal martial art and establish a solid foundation.

​In 1991, Master Bao Sen Liang officially began as the Chief Instructor at Ji Hong Tai Chi School and has been teaching ever since. Throughout the years, his teaching methodology and experience have cultivated a number of exceptional practitioners, including some who achieved medals at various competitions. In addition, some of these exceptional practitioners have been groomed to become excellent instructors.

​Master Bao Sen Liang is appreciated as a highly qualified instructor who is approachable, attentive to details, and seriously committed to cultivating both student interest and potential. He is genuinely dedicated to help each student discover the health and wellness benefits from practising Tai Chi.