On the 26th of August 2000, after one week’s intensive competition, the 6th International Tai Chi Chuan and Weapons Competition held at the Town of Chiu Cheuk near Chen’s Village, the founding place of Tai Chi Chuan, finally came to an end. This international competition is arguably the toughest of all the Tai Chi competitions, which sets the highest standard for Tai Chi Chuan.

Approximately 200 competitors from overseas and 1600 competitors from the local provinces of China participated in this Competition.

Ji Hong Tai Chi College was the only team from Canada that took part in this event. Under the leadership of Master Luo, 7 students from the Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto campuses traversed the oceans to compete in this Competition and achieved remarkable results.

In total, our students won 6 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 3 bronze medals in the push-hand and form & weapon categories. They are:

Denny Chan (Edmonton)
Mark Yiu (Edmonton)
Richard Anderson (Edmonton)
Michael Sollereder (Edmonton)
Fan Zhang (Edmonton)
King Wong (Calgary)
Wilson Wong (Toronto)

At the close of the competition, both the Organizing Committee and the local media congratulated our students for their outstanding performances.


The Chen’s Village International Tai Chi Chuan and Weapons Competition is held every two years in China. Our students will probably be revisiting the Chen’s Village in 2002.

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